Briefly about the walking foot sewing machines for leather

By using the leather many products are manufactured by set of companies in the existing markets. Mostly people are known the fact about leather compounds are more durable than any other material used. Walking foot sewing machines for leather are specially designed only for footwear manufacturing. The walking foot is good sewing machine attachment for fabricating the slipping.  This particular part of the machine is used to sew through set of layers of the leather to stitch of fabric is made. This part is may un-available in all machines, because the solo machine cannot do all the things in manufacturing a particular product.

Design point of view

Remember one point before making the product, one may not confine to design single model on the machine. Different types of things can be manufactured with the same kind of leather purchased. The different parts of the sewing machines, particularly walking foot sewing machine for leather are follows. The machine which is bought can make different varieties of stiches some of them are, chain stitch, lock stitches, overlock, cover stitch, zig-zag stitch are the basic stitches are to be performed.

Chainstitch, this kind of stitch is used in early stages of sewing and it has two main draw backs, the attempt stitch is not locking by self and the thread may breaks while stitching action is doing. The second drawback is frequently changing he direction of the sewing would not change. The chain stitch can be used in stitching of cloths even today. Lockstitch is the most familiar stitch in clothing and in designing the leather products. The process involved in these two threads passing through a needle in that one is from bobbin which is placed under the machine.

Kinds of stitches a leather machine can make

Overlock is the stitch can be done through more than two threads and maximum of four threads. With multiple needles and loops. By overlocking the product good finishes of the product may obtain.

Now coming to the feed mechanisms present in walking foot sewing machines for leather are drop feed, differential feed, needle feed and walking foot, puller feed, manual feed. Among them feeds the walking foot is important the walking foot only replaces the presser foot. By using the walking foot heavy or hard stiches are made using this kind of stich. The drop feed mechanism can be used for house hold purposes and the differential feed can be used for both houses hold and industrial purposes. These are some key points in walking foot part in the machines.