Online movies streaming

According to the researches, this streaming media has come in existence in the year 1990 but then they were not that good at speed. The maximum time was spent by people in buffering whenever they decide to watch a movie online those days rather than having that speed in which they can watch it continuously. But now there has been a revolutionary change in streaming world since it is launched and now the services provided by the different websites are just amazing where one can watch movie online without downloading them and that too free of cost, 123movies is one of those websites which people do trust on for better performance.

Concept of streaming

Streaming media has recently got this much popular amongst the people all over the world. This concept of online streaming has become pretty much popular and using this concept people have left certain things completely whether that is buying CDs or DVDs or watching movies in theatres and spending lot of money on it. the logic on which this whole online streaming thing is to build is quite familiar from the older days, the best way to understand the concept of streaming is to think that when someone is talking in front of you, then the sound waves travel towards you and they bring the information that what that person is saying, this information is decoded by your ears and then your brain.

The exact concept is used when it comes to online movies streaming. In this also the electronic device gets the information which is traveling towards them in form of cable signal, radio waves or a satellite signal too. That electronic device then works and decodes the signal take out the information and display the same thing on the screen. In online movie stream, the information which is traveling is a stream of data which is coming from a server. A stand-alone player or a plugin in general terms is a part of a web browser which works as a decoder of the information. Decoder and the server which has the information stream they work together and that’s how people can watch movies online.

This whole thing seems to be confusing when you explain this technically but if you will understand this in general terms it is as simple as watching something which is happening in front of your eyes live. Earlier people were not that familiar with the concept of the internet, slowly and gradually they have started knowing this concept and start using the basic things for a long time, the actual revolution has started when people started using internet for their entertainment source also. Then this online movies streaming concept has come in existence all together.