Relaxing At The Best Spas In New York

New York is a place where people often work for hours and put their bodies and minds through tremendous stress. Every New Yorker could probably use a day at a spa for a little rest and relaxation. There are plenty of spas to go around, but some stand out above the rest. Here are some of the best spas in New York.

There is a perfect spa for the crowd that has built up a lot of tension in their muscles from looking at their digital devices. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is a spa like no other, featuring a Digital Wellness Escape treatment that focuses on a hand based way to eliminate all that ails. They also have Thai Yoga Journey that lasts for three hours and incorporates massages into yoga to help the body and mind achieve peace.

The Shibui Spa has a truly unique style that makes it one of the top spots to relax. The treatments have a nature theme to them for total relaxation. Facials can be customized and there are full body treatments that are based on the seasons. The entire spa has a Japanese motif that invokes feelings of tranquility and serenity. The Japanese style of the spa is especially present when seeing the farmhouse roof of the pool.

The Aire Ancient Baths started out as a textile factory and was later covered into Tribeca based spa. The ancient look of the spa has a theme that borrows from Roman culture, looking like one of the bathhouses of the past. There are six pols and heated marble stones. They offer their special Red Wine Experience, which consists of a soak in Spanish wine for 30 minutes while getting a scalp massage, and then a full body grapeseed oil massage. It’s a spa experience that no one else has been able to replicate.

The Peninsula Spa in the Peninsula hotel is a good relaxation spot that tries to mix up the way spa treatments are done. The spa offers what would normally be seen in a spa, such as facials and Swedish massages, but there are some truly unique treatment found here such as the cryo facial. This makes use of intense cold to enhance and refresh the skin. There’s also the Podi Signature Journey, which involves the use of herbal poultices during massages to relax muscles and remove excess water from the skin.

These are the best spas in New York and they all are perfect for a spiritual and physical healing. Everyone deserves to treat themselves every once in a while, and a New York spa is the perfect place to do it.